The Power of 3D Visualization



3D Modeling

wo30_dev_105We produce high quality 3D models in a wide variety of native formats and exports. Our team is ready to produce on budget and on-time for you. We have established highly effective workflow pipelines to help streamline production times and costs.  Send us your project specs today, and we will get you a production cost promptly. For complex projects such as City Models, a comprehensive proposal will be presented with details and options covering the entire process, from start to finish.

Building Modeling – planned or as-built, photo-realistic textures, glass, logos, signs, surfaces, exterior only or with interior, real-world scale, many export options

CAD File to Finished Model – photo-realistic final model as DAE, DWG, DXF, OBJ, DGN or many other formats, real-world scale

3D Scan Fly-Thru Animations – compelling and exciting camera animation inside of the cloud data producing a realistic scan fly-thru   (example)

3D Scan to Model – From your supplied 3D scan or ours, we can create polygon model surfaces that match the data. These surfaces are then optimized, producing a final model

Sunlight, Artificial Light, Shadow & Sound Data – we produce accurate data reporting based on these factors, from any Z,Y,Z location within the model, realistic sun projection, dB studies and implementation into visualizations

Model Texture Service – professional “UVW Unwrap” of supplied models to produce efficient, detailed maps for 3D modeling programs and games, all maps power of 2 – game engine ready



From still renders to full movie production, interactive simulations to augmented reality, we have the experience, skills and cutting-edge digital tools to produce award winning visualizations. Initial story board to final credits, you can count on R3DP every time to produce great visualizations at a competitive price. We will use our experience and creativity to clearly and effectively communicate your vision to it’s intended audience. Rendering examples are in the portfolio and you can view movies by clicking on the Vimeo and YouTube buttons on any page.

Renderings – photo-realistic “pictures” of 3D scenes available in any size, additional effects available, mounting available

Before/After – powerful visuals from the same perspective showing change or development (video example)

Animated Movie – could be just a simple clip, or a full movie with graphics and sound to fully explain the subject matter in great detail

Simulation – location model used to create a “walk-anywhere” interactive simulation that can stream from any URL, mouse-click on objects opens custom info, links, etc

Augmented Reality – interactive models and animation appears on phones/tablets (app) from 2D printing/artwork as 3D, great new tool for advertising



We take visualizations to the next level by using the created visualization model as a base to create a “go anywhere” simulation. This technology puts you, the user, into the scene with the ability to navigate freely and interact with objects. Change textures and materials, open websites, movie clips and more using your mouse to “click” on objects in the scene. The best part is these simulations run directly from your current website server! Our Portfolio section, along with our YouTube feed show simulation screen shots and video examples.

Complete Freedom of Movement and View – navigate freely using mouse/keyboard, look and go anywhere, run/walk/fly

Game Engine Textures – all power of 2 texture, high quality and detail, 2048 x 2048 standard, 4096 x 4096 available

Interactive Surfaces – with a click of your mouse open additional data/web links, social media, RSS feeds, interiors, movies, sound files, etc

AUTO MORPH Feature – instantly changes your location to another preset location, custom user-interface

Publishing Versatility – Can be published for Windows, Mac, WII, Xbox, PS3/4, Web and Mobile Applications

3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning is the ultimate technology to capture, view, measure and analyze any structure, location or object. Millions of lasers hit physical surfaces and reflect creating a “point cloud”. By scanning, you create a solid “digital DNA foundation” from which there are a wide variety of practical money/time saving uses. It can benefit economic development, visualization, city planning, zoning, transportation, accurate contractor bidding, promotion and marketing, integrates with existing GIS and CADD, legal/insurance proof, etc

Accurate Measurement  – 3D measurement from the web or commercial software accurate to within 2mm

Full Color – each point is assigned an RGB color value based on the real surface color when scanned

SmartLook Viewer – 2D/3D 360 degree view from each scan location as a web based viewer with built in on the fly measurement capabilities

Staff Use Training – we can get your team of users trained on how to use this technology and software, usually in a single one day session

Saves Time and Money – Measure anything remotely without the need to be physically on site or with the dangers of building heights, climbing of bridges, traffic, etc

Branding / Professional Design / Illustration

core logo oval

Corporate Identities and design are statistically a company’s most important asset beyond it’s product or service – your “look” means everything. High quality, creative branding quickly gives to consumer a confident first impression, and leads to more traffic and higher sales. Let us design a new identity and/or tag line for your company, one that can be used consistently for all of your business and media applications, branding your company at the same high level as your product/service. We will prep your art for any and all media and advertising needs. Please see the portfolio page and scroll down to find examples.

Branding – professional logos and branding for any industry, simple strait-forward process, 100% guarantee

Web Graphics – still or animated, give your site or presentations a creative boost

Illustrations and Icon Design – custom illustrations and icons are a huge upgrade over stock photos and clip art (SEE MORE)

Print and Corporate Design – we have the experience and creativity to help you stand out

Product Packaging – creative, unique designs with die-line file, or custom die produced for you

Garment and Shirt Design – camera-ready artwork for single to full color garment printing and embroidery

Consulting & Training


We can help you archive greater in-house results with our consulting and training services. You will receive a comprehensive report with invaluable insight and recommendations for improvement. We cover 3D Modeling (Autodesk 3dsMax), Vecor program CorelDraw and buying corporate commercial printing. We have extensive industry knowledge and techniques that will save you time, money and unnecessary headaches. Software training is offered at an hourly rate via phone and /or Go To Meeting.

Autodesk 3dsMax – version 7 though 2014

CorelDraw – version 3 through 13

Commercial Print Buying and Efficiency