The Power of 3D Visualization



Expert 3D Modeling

model 1 model 3

model 4 model 2

We produce high quality hard-surface and organic 3D models in a wide variety of native formats and exports – ALL in the USA. Our team is ready to produce on budget and on-time for you. We have established highly effective workflow pipelines to help streamline production times and costs.  Send us your project specs today, and we will get you options, and a production quote promptly. For complex projects, a comprehensive proposal will be presented with details and options covering the entire process, from start to finish. 3D models for purchase here

  • Concept > 3D Model
  • PDF/CAD > 3D Model
  • Vector Images > 3D Model
  • Lidar/Point Cloud > 3D Model

Realistic Texture Mapping and PBR



PBR (Physically Based Rendering) is our current default when creating texture maps for models. Our maps are created with the presentation of the content in mind, from desktop through mobile applications. As you can see in detail above, we can produce the required LOD for any desired use including commercial television and film.

  • Renders materials accurately in all situations
  • Complete set of maps creates real-world final results
  • Can add extreme detail and effects

Vegetation / Organic Modeling

st 1st 2

st 3 st 4

Realistic / animated grass, plants and trees. We can create from photos showing specific characteristics, or simply by species.

High Quality Renderings

viz1 viz2


Not everyone needs a movie. We can create beautiful static renderings for the web, high quality printing, and large format work. Quickly show different viewpoints, perspectives and environmental conditions (including shadow and light).

Static and Motion Simulations

Many, if not most of today’s projects require simulations for EIR and/or public outreach. We typically produce two types – static and motion:

  • STATIC: Key Observation Points (KOP’s) are established and high resolution photos taken from each KOP to show the public’s view of the existing conditions of the project site vs the proposed completed project. A 3D model is rendered in the correct size, perspective and view then imposed into the correct KOP photo. A slide show is created to clearly show existing vs proposed from each KOP
  • MOTION: Using footage taken from a drone, helicopter, vehicle or walking – a 3D model is imposed over moving footage to create the illusion of the completed project throughout each frame of the movie. Special care is taken to ensure blur, lighting and shadows match the original footage for the most realistic results.

Movie Visualizations


viz3 viz4

From still renders to full movie production, interactive simulations to augmented reality, we have the experience, skills and cutting-edge digital tools to produce award winning visualizations. Initial story board to final credits, you can count on R3DP every time to produce great visualizations at a competitive price. We will use our experience and creativity to clearly and effectively communicate your vision to it’s intended audience. Rendering examples are in the portfolio and you can view movies by clicking on the Vimeo link above.

2D/3D Branding



Corporate Identities and design are statistically a company’s most important asset beyond it’s product or service – your “look” means everything. High quality, creative branding quickly gives to consumer a confident first impression, and leads to more traffic and higher sales. Let us design a new identity and/or tag line for your company, one that can be used consistently for all of your business and media applications, branding your company at the same high level as your product/service. We will prep your art for any and all media and advertising needs. Please see the portfolio page and scroll

2D/3D Plans & Illustrations

plan1 plan2


Be it a conceptual idea, existing products, icons or illustrations for publications – we can create what your looking for in the graphic style that suits your needs.